Blu, GSL, and Volcano: Which Produces the Thickest Vapor

Blu, GSL, and Volcano: Which Produces the Thickest Vapor

The electronic cigarettes are used as the best alternative of the tobacco cigarettes. This is why the users like to have the similar services like their usual cigarettes. The customers have got a lot of options to buy electronic cigarettes. This is because, there are a lot of e-cig brands available in the market. The review will discuss about three most popular e-cig in the market nowadays. Blu, Green Smart Living and Volcano e-cig are available with all necessary options in a single e-cig. However, who have got the thickest vapor? This is really a strong side of an e-cig to produce thick and massive vapor.

Review of Blu cigs, GSL and Volcano of their Vapor Production

Massive and thickest vapor means better feeling at the time of vaping. It provides similar feeling like the usual tobacco cigarettes. As we know that usual cigarettes burn and thus it produces much more vapor. However, the latest technologies of Blu, GSL, and Volcano will meet the rising demand of the customers regarding the vapor production.

Blu as one of the most convenient e-cig market is providing better vaping experience. Along with the vapor production it is satisfactory regarding the throat hit factor as well. From the reviews of the customers it is clear that the vapor production of Blu is satisfactory. The prime reason is the highly powerful battery and the specially designed atomizer. The odorless and massive cloud of vapor of Blu sparks the authentic feeling of the traditional cigarettes.

On the other hand, Green Smart Living will provide deep vaping service, which is certainly helpful in producing thick vapor. The deeper puff one takes, the thicker vapor he or she will get from GSL. GSL has the motto to protect the planet by making it smoke free and providing non-nicotine vapor production in their e-cig. This is why GSL vapor is thick enough and massive in amount but at the same time, is also hygienic for the users as well as the planet.

In contrast, Volcano is another e-cig which is much more popular for its authentic vapor. The cartomizer of Volcano is little bit longer than the others. However, it is preferred by the users as unlike any other e-cig it does not heat up the coil at the time of producing vapor. For getting a lot of vapor, users need to vape deeply, which makes the coil hot. However, in using Volcano you will not face this problem. There are almost 30 different flavors which all are best for vapor production.

In considering the reviews on different websites, Volcano has got better popularity in case of vapor production. Moreover, the other two are also tough competitor for producing significant amount of vapor and all three of them have some coupons and discounts to offer. .

The usual price of Blu is around $69.95. In 2014, it has got almost 25% discount option which has brought the price to more convenient level. The coupon codes service of GSL is providing up to 15% discount in a single starter kit. In all items of Volcano there are minimum 10% discount including the starter kits too.

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How to Clean and Maintain E-cig properly

How to Clean and Maintain E-cig properly

E-cig need to be monitored with care and experience. This can help you a lot to get the maximum performance from the device and will last longer. However, one of the best way to keep the e-cig device more effective is the cleaning of the e-cig cartomizer and other parts properly. It is essential for better vaping experience. The ways to clean the e-cig need some basic knowledge. Here’s a guide for you.

· The battery is one of the main part of e-cig. It need to be cared properly to get a long lasting performance. This review is all about the cleaning of every all the part of the e-cig. All you need to do is separating the battery from the cartomizer. Then clean the main contact area with cotton swab.

· At the time of cleaning the battery you should monitor whether there is any e-liquid residue or not. Before further use make sure that the battery is fully dry.

· This review will also make you sure that the charger of e-cig should be cleaned too. However, it will be the same process like battery cleaning. Even, this time also you can use cotton swab dripped in alcohol. Just clean the detaching areas with it.

· To clean a clearomizer of an e-cig you need to unscrew the base and top unit of the plastic tube atomizer. Use alcohol dripped cotton to wipe away. It will remove the prior flavors as well as will make it much clear. Moreover, it protects the infection from bacteria related issues.

· On the other hand, if your clearomizer is a non-repairable one then it will be easier to clean. Just fill up the clearomizer with alcohol and keep it 20 minutes. Then shack it aggressively to clean the clearomizer.
In a nutshell, e-cig usages has been becoming wide spread. Users need proper knowledge to maintain it. Most importantly, the easy access of e-cigs through coupon codes and other discount facilities have made it more accessible. In each purchase of e-cigs and related accessories you will get a significant amount of discount on the total price.

So there you have it, the right way to clean your E-cigarettes. As a prize for you sticking out until the end of the article. Here are some E-cig coupons that we found at our favorite site

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Blu Cigs Coupons: 10-15% off Flavor Cartridges
Apollo Cigs COupons: 20% off all items

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10 Ways to Quit Tobacco with the Aid of E-cigs

10 Ways to Quit Tobacco with the Aid of E-cigs

“Tobacco smoking is very dangerous to health.” This sentence is very commonly used in different media and other places to make it clear that you should avoid tobacco smoking. However, it is really hard to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes easily. Once you are addicted to tobacco smoking, you will try to continue it anyhow. Nowadays, one of the best alternative to tobacco cigarettes is E-cigs. Electronic cigarettes which is almost similar to the tobacco cigarettes will provide you all similar features of an usual cigarette but will not harm you like tobacco cigarettes.

Taking the Decision to Choose E-cig as Alternative
You have to set your mind to quit tobacco smoking and have to choose e-cig as the best alternative. The facilities provided by the e-cig companies will help you a lot as the e-cigs are very attractive and helpful now.

Choosing Tobacco Flavors
As you are leaving tobacco smoking you will feel better if you choose tobacco flavors. However, unlike tobacco smoking there are a lot of flavors to choose from to use in e-cigs. It would be great to stock up with E-liquids especially if you have online e-cig coupons to use.

Consider Vapor
You can use this e-cig in producing much vapor like usual cigarettes. It will help you to fell like using tobacco cigarettes which will let you forget tobacco smoking.

Choose Best Throat Heat
The e-cigs re now providing best throat hit which is very similar to tobacco smoking. However, it will no harm you like tobacco. You have to keep in mind that there is no tobacco in e-cigs.

User Friendly E-cig
Nowadays the e-cigs are very common with easy user interface. If you choose an E-cig that is easy to use, you need not to have any prior experience to start using e-cigs.

Customization Option in E-cig
There are different customization options in electronic cigarettes. These facilities are not available in tobacco cigarettes. You have the freedom to choose flavors, color, etc. in e-cig.

Freedom to Use Anywhere
E-cigs are very environment friendly device. It does not create tar and you can use it anywhere you want. The grand design of this device will make you feel proud at the time of using e-cigs.

Save Money
Usual tobacco smoking will cost you a lot. Those are one time use and need few in number per day. The cost is significant in case of usual smoking whereas you need to invest once in e-cig using. It will last long and will more useable. Buy the e-cigs with the aid of the coupon codes and the discount deals and save a lot of money in the long run. These coupon codes allow you some great discounts and prevent you the e-cigs from burning a hole in your pocket. Check out this V2 Cigs Coupons here and this Apollo Cigs Coupons here.

Official Use
In most of the organizations and workplaces there is no permission to use tobacco cigarettes. This is because it can be irritating to the nonsmokers of the office. E-cigs can ensure fully smoke free life with no irritation to the co-workers in your workplace.

Easy to Carry
It is really easy to carry an e-cig. Even you can carry it along with the case which is provided by the whole package. However, the charging case will let you charge the electronic cigarette easily from your laptop through USB cable or directly from the wall adapter.

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